May 30, 2013

Teaching your Children about Good Money Habits

It is never too early to start teaching your children about good money habits. By instilling good spending and budgeting habits in your children at a young age, you are preparing them for the future. Helping them to develop good money habits can be fairly simple, so avoid complex lessons until they are older and can understand the importance of money and budgeting.

One great way to teach your children good money habits is to give them an allowance. Do not give them an allowance for doing nothing - this can defeat the purpose. Children benefit from learning that money is earned by working. A kindergartner is able to help with small chores around the house, so put them to work and let them earn their allowance this way.

Another way to earn money would be to hold a lemonade stand in front of the house, with adult supervision. Your child will learn how to make the product, market it and sell it. While the idea is to teach good money habits, they are also learning valuable life lessons – nothing sells itself.

Have your children save up their allowance for something that they really want. Whether it is a comic book or the hottest new toy on the market, having your child save up for the item will teach them that nothing comes for free. In return, children also learn that the items you buy them have real value and should be treated as such.

If your child really wants an item, it is also good to help them meet the value of the toy. For example, they can earn the toy by doing certain chores for a month: keeping their rooms clean, feeding the animals or doing other small chores.

Another good educational opportunity is to expose your child to money. A lot of children nowadays are so used to seeing parents pay with debit and credit cards that they may not know what actual money looks like. Show your kids the different types of money – coins, bills, etc. and tell them the monetary amount for each.

When you go shopping, let your child have a try at paying certain items. This will help them feel quite grown up and give them a good lesson in money matters.

Teaching your children good money habits early on in life helps to stress the importance of preparing for a financial future. Oftentimes parents do not instill the proper money management skills into their children, unaware that this is an important life lesson. It is never too early or too late to start teaching your children how to establish good money habits.

Vegetable Juice

Everyone tells you that drinking juice is okay but not as good as a piece of fruit. However, today we are talking about vegetables. Vegetable juice is good for many reasons.

Get Your Five a Day

We hear about the food pyramid and what we need to eat for proper nutrition. One thing that is needed is vegetables. Just five servings a day will yield vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are essential to keep the body running properly. Also, if you want to lose weight, eating healthy allows you to eat more for fewer calories.

But, for many, eating five servings of vegetables a day is not so easy. A busy schedule can sabotage your healthy eating habits. In an effort to get what you need, you can try juicing.

According to nutritional guidelines, a serving of vegetables is equal to ¾ cup of vegetable juice. You will catch a break with juice and you can drink it in half the time that it takes to eat some vegetables.

Commercial Vegetable Juices

Be careful when choosing juices from the store. They can contain hidden sugars and other additives so read labels carefully. Choose an organic vegetable juice that contains lots of vegetables that you would eat: green leafy veggies, carrots, tomatoes, herbs and others.

Many vegetable juices can help you make up the numbers for your daily servings. Juice is not meant to be a substitute but a supplement. If you can only get three servings a day, adding juice can give you two or three more. The goal is to try and up your natural intake of vegetables.

A benefit of commercial vegetable juices is the variety. Vegetables that you might not otherwise have tried are included and so are their nutrients.

Sep 23, 2008

Google To Sell First Branded Phone

Google Inc. will take a giant step off the desktop and into the world of cellphones today when a major U.S. phone company launches a new handset built with the Internet giant's software.

T-Mobile USA, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, is set to unveil a touch-screen device with a swiveling keyboard that incorporates some of the defining features of both Apple Inc.'s iPhone and Research In Motion Ltd.'s BlackBerry.

The device, dubbed the Dream, is built by Taiwan's HTC Corp., which until now has kept a low profile as a contract manufacturer of other companies' phones.

Regardless of whatever novel design elements HTC has incorporated, the most high-impact feature of the device will be the software created by Google, called Android.

Android is open-source software, which means it can be shared, updated and improved collectively, as well as tweaked for adding customized features or emerging technology.

Although HTC's new device is already being called "the Google phone," the search giant has no ambitions of becoming the next RIM. Instead, it wants to create a common software platform for handheld devices that makes it easier for people to surf the Web on their smart phones.

The mobile Web represents a seductive new channel of advertising for Google. In fact, Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive officer, said recently that the company thinks it can eventually garner more money from the mobile Web than the desktop Web.

Google is hoping Android will become the dominant platform for mobile phones, eventually bumping Apple and RIM from their perches.

So, here’s what they say about the phone…

“The T-Mobile G1 is the world’s first Android-powered mobile phone in an exclusive partnership with Google. The T-Mobile G1 combines full touch-screen functionality and a QWERTY keyboard with a mobile Web experience that includes the popular Google services that millions have enjoyed on the desktop, including Google Maps with StreetView, Gmail, YouTube and others. ”

Amazon, which has a deal with Google related to the phone, also says that the phone will have “one-touch access” to Google Search and will allow access to Android Market, “where customers can find and download unique applications to expand and personalize their phone to fit their lifestyle.”

Mar 22, 2008

Online Payday Loans

It can be hard to see any way out of a financial situation, which is why people are thankful for the concept of cash advance payday loans. Although it is a short-term loan, it can help in remedying a situation. This method of getting money has helped a lot of people get their financial situations in order.

Payday loans are short-term loans meant to help us in our current need of money. The whole process about getting a payday loans is usually very quick. To apply, you need to fill in a simple form and then before you know it, the cash is in your account and ready for you to use.

Online payday loans do seem to be quicker solutions to cash needs than applying for offline payday loans mainly due to the "no credit rating check" that they incorporate. Online payday loans will make the application process quicker for you because no time will be wasted while they look at your credit history.

Many people are turning to online payday loans to get the benefit of the no credit check policy. This policy is about helping you in your emergency financial problem and not about running a credit score on you, so regardless of your bad credit history you are still able to borrow money and pay those nagging bills before they erode your life.

Mar 18, 2008

Medical Careers

Are you interested in a medical career? If so, you are not alone. You have a few major decisions that you need to make before you can move on in the industry. After all, the phrase “medical careers” covers a lot of different jobs. You can be a doctor, a nurse, a pharmaceutical manager and much more. For this reason it is quite important that you know what type of career you want, as well as medical training you can get.

You can visit to get more information on medical career training program. But remember, there are many options available to you. If you are interested in getting into the medical industry you will want to look into every available career. This way you will know what is out there, and what would suit you best.